Shift lens are the vital lens for many architectural and interior photographers. Their image circles are large enough to cover a medium format sensor, so theoretically speaking, we can get much more pixels and wider view through stitching two or more shift images. Practically, however, take multiple shots to stitch a wider view is usually difficult on most shift lenses, because the lens shift, not the body shift, will give rise to parallax issue.

TSE FRAME can perfectly solve the above-mentioned problems and get the unbelievable wide view together with up to over 100 mega pixels image. Not only that, it has many other features such as rapid horizontal-vertical changing and the reliable flare-proof, providing more possibilities and higher efficiency for photographing the architectures and interior spaces.


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Compatible With

Canon TS-E 17mm

Canon TS-E 24mmII


  • Body Shift instead of Lens Shift
  • Instant and Centered Portrait to Landscape Change
  • Instant and Centered Vertical Shift to Lateral Shift Change
  • Various ways to shift the camera body in both orthogonal and oblique directions
  • Stitched image on a 36x24mm FF camera can reach up to 53x41mm and 250% the pixels
  • 4 Built-In Bubble Level
  • Innovative Flare Reducing Shade Platform
  • Arca-Swiss style base with 1/4″ and 3/8″ threaded hole
  • Easy Installation and Removal
  • Mechanical Sight
  • Plate for 360° Cylindrical Panorama shooting (Included)
  • Compact, Light Weight and Portable
  • Sturdy and Stable


Seamlessly Stitch a Wider View

TSE FRAME brings a parallax-free solution for TS-E 17mm and 24mm II lens. It allows you to fix the lens directly to the tripod and shift the camera body, as same as how those professional technical cameras cooperate with their sliding back. Such shifted images can be seamlessly stitched to form an extended view, without any post-production intervention or software correction, because the body shift doesn’t change the perspective. A 36x24mm FF camera will get 250% the field of view and file size. For example, a Sony A7R2 will get around 107 mega pixels and a Canon 5DsR will get around 127 mega pixels, which beat the top medium format digital backs.


Innovative Flare Reducing Shade Platform

The flares could be troublesome when there is one or more point light such as the street lamp or the ceiling light. No hood can successfully shade the TS-E lens because the shift value is not fixed.

To solve this problem, TSE FRAME introduced the flattop design. You can place a board on the flattop, such as a grey card, and move it around till the lens flare disappeared on the camera’s LCD live view.


Instant&Centered Portrait to Landscape Change

In the past, changing between the portrait and landscape is kind of troublesome during shooting. You have to spin the whole camera, and level it again.

Now, with the TSE FRAME mounted on the tripod, the portrait to landscape change can be done in a split of second. Just hold the paddle B behind the shift markings of the lens with one finger, then you can rotate the camera body solely. No need to take the camera off the tripod or flip it together with the photography head and level it again, because your lens did not move any bit and your camera just clicks in place in the exact 90°position.


Instant&Centered Vertical to Lateral Shift

Differs from some other TS-E adapter solutions which fix the shift mechanism part to the tripod, the TSE FRAME fixes the tilt part of the lens and does not block the paddle A ahead of the shift markings on the lens (it blocks the tilt part which is almost no use for architectural photographer), so that it allows you change the shifting direction from up-down to left-right easily, no need to rotate the tripod head. Just hold the paddle and rotating the shift mechanism to redirect it.

As same as the portrait to landscape changing, the vertical to lateral shift changing does not change the viewpoint, either. Certainly, after you’ve decide the shift direction, you can easily change the framing direction with the paddle B.


4 Built-In Bubble Level

The built-in cylindrical bubble level in x,y and z axis allows the precise control in all possible compositions, including pointing the lens up towards the ceiling. Plus, an extra bubble level at the shoulder slope of 45°enables the shift in the oblique direction.


Mechanical Sight

On top of the TSE FRAME there is a mechanical sight design. It would be helpful when you want to composite under the dim light, especially when you want a symmetrical interior composition and the LCD will not give you a bright and clear enough reference.


Easy Installation and Removal

Thanks to the laptop computer style hinge, and the tool-free locking screw, you can easily attach/detach the TSE FRAME to/from your TS-E lens freehand. It makes a lot of sense when you have both TS-E 17mm and 24mm II.


All-Around Tripod Fittings

TSE FRAME has an Arca-Swiss style base, with a 1/4″ and a 3/8″ threaded hole. The three fittings with nothing missed make it compatible with any the photography tripod and head.


Silica Gel Protection

The silica gel skin on the two shackles protect your lens from scratching.


Sturdy and Portable

TSE FRAME is made of extra quality, silver anodized aluminum. It is so compact and lightweight, no need to take it off when you put your gear into the backpack or rolling case.


Sliding Plate for Panorama Stitching

When you need the extremely wide angle which beyond the limit of shift stitching, you may mount the sliding plate to the TSE FRAME and shoot panorama image pieces around the lens nodal point, then you can use the panorama stitching software such as Autopano Giga or Panorama Studio Pro to get a super wide angle panorama. Certainly, with this way, you can shoot the full round and get a 360°cylindrical panorama.


Screw Hole for More Possibilities

More optional attachments will be developed to meet the needs of architectural photography in the future.

Product Info:

Made of extra quality, silver anodized aluminum.

Dimensions: 120 x 98 x 38 mm

Plate for 360° Cylindrical Panorama shooting (Included)

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Moving the lens lets you take multiple shots for stitching, but it’s easy to get parallax errors.

The TSE Frame from Rogeti is a solution for keeping the lens fixed.

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