Pano5+1 is a revolutionary equipment for perfect 360° photography. This patented product enables the users to shoot spherical panorama with one GoPro camera (Hero4, 3+, 3) in about one minute, and get them highly accurate and easy-to-stitch panoramic compositions. Still, it could be used on not only all kinds of tripods, but also many kinds of beverage bottles to set up an unobtrusive support.


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Intersected Cradles for Accurate Node Position

For proper panorama photography the camera should be rotated around the lens nodal point. You have to use an adapting device (so called professional panoramic photography head) to position the lens nodal point near the pivot point.
Conventional panoramic photography head usually have several sliding plates for nodal point positioning, and a L-shape bracket for tilting the camera around the nodal point. The complexity of structure brings not only the slow deployment and operations, but also the loss of accuracy. Moreover, the nodal point is usually nowhere near the actual camera mounting point. Finding the exact position of the nodal point in your lens, which is more difficult, might be your first trouble to get over.

Pano5+1, working with a GoPro camera, is a brand new design that helps you eliminate all the diffuculties in high quality panoramic photographying. It achieves the easiest camera locating with two intersected drop-in cradles which share the same nodal point position. This non-cranebracket structure ensures the stability of the camera and eliminates the loss of accuracy in deploying. Such scheme ensures that software used for photo stitching produces a precisely composed VR environment with minimum post-production intervention or software correction. Both panoramic shooting and post-production would turns to be incredibly easy.

56 Effective Megapixel Panorama

Pano5+1 enables shooters to capture both cylindrical and spherical panoramic photos. Five shots in single-row forms a cylindrical panorama. With one more shot taken from the look-up cradle position, you can create a spherical panorama. The final stitched panorama can be as large as 56 effective megapixels.

After capturing the 6 shots, a pentagon-shaped hole does still exist right under the viewpoint. In this area you can place a personal watermark or an ad, or have an extra image with the Nadirshot Holder (optional) to reveal a complete 360°X180° environment. Then the stitched panorama will increase to 65 megapixels.

Nadirshot Holder (optional) for shooting downward at the same nodal point as the other shots are taken
Compared with multi-row panoramic head, Pano5+1 has much better performance in preventing the ghost brought by moving object.
Compared with dual fish-eye panoramic camera, the resolution brought by Pano5+1 with GoPro camera is overwhelming.

Flexible Support

The base mount has a 3/8” threaded hole and comes with a transfer screw to 1/4″ thread, so it can be used on any tripod. In addition, with a unique structure, it can also be fixed on many kinds of PET bottles, including almost all the regular water and energy drinks. The capability to shoot panorama without tripod adds more portability to Pano5+1, which would be extremely helpful when you’re on a hike. Besides, shooting on a bottle could avoid the tripod legs being included in panorama.

Professional tripod, mini tripod, Evian, Gatorade…Lots of choices for supporting Pano5+1



A few examples of panoramas created by Pano5+1 users. Click to enjoy the VR tour!



Q: Why Pano5+1 has better performance than a multi-row panorama scheme in preventing the moving object ghost?
A: Whenever some element in your panorama moves between compositions, there is a good chance that it will show as a ghost figure, since the algorithm of the panorama stitching software will mix each compositions to reach its final result. In the ‘5 shots in single-row +1 zenith + 1 nadir’ scheme as Pano5+1 provides, the ghost has very slim chances to be between more than two compositions. Therefore, it is highly possible to find one of the two including the whole or none of the moving object. Then it is possible to use this shot and mask the ghost out. Unfortunately, however, with a multi-row panorama scheme, there is a much higher possibility to see ghost between 4 compositions and none of four including the whole moving object.
Q: What are the advantages of Pano5+1 compared to a dual fish-eye panoramic camera?
A: Dual fish-eye panoramic camera uses two shots to form a spherical image. It usually achieves no more than 5400*2700 pixels (Approx. 14MP), which is a very small size for 360° exhibition. Whilst Pano5+1 uses 6 or 7 GoPro shots and achieves up to more than 11400*5700 pixels (Approx. 65MP), which is over 4 times the former and suitable for both photographer and business users.
Besides, many compact dual fish-eye panoramic cameras have lack of depth of field. You may find the objects several meters away from the camera out of focus, let alone the infinity distance. A bigger dual fish-eye camera usually has apparent seams in its overlapping because of its longer distance between their two lens, and such seams might be severe when there is object in short distance.
Moreover, the lens of the dual fish-eye panoramic camera usually leads to low quality in its overlapping and produces a serious purple fringing to sunny images.
On the contrary, a panorama produced by Pano5+1 with GoPro camera could be seamless and delivers a high quality and sharp image through out 0.25m to infinity in distance.
Q: Between Pano5+1 for GoPro and dual fish-eye panoramic camera, which scheme is more affordable?
A: If you already have a GoPro camera, the answer is no doubt the Pano5+1. If you have yet a GoPro, we still think the Pano5+1 with a GoPro takes higher performance-price ratio. Please note that GoPro itself is a very useful camera in your daily life, while the investment on a dual fish-eye panoramic camera brings only one function.
Q: I don’t have a GoPro but I have a DSLR. I’m hesitate between Pano5+1 GoPro and a DSLR panoramic photography head.
A: Pano5+1 offers the best balance between easy operation and image quality. The stiched panoramic image by Pano5+1 and GoPro is even larger than what you can get with a top full-frame DSLR with a 8mm fish-eye lens on a heavy professional panoramic tripod head. Moreover, for high quality panoramic shooting in narrow spaces such as car interiors, Pano5+1 is absolutely the wise choice.
Q: Can I apply a fixed white balance and set ISO manually when shooting with GoPro?
A: Yes. GoPro offers settings for white balance, ISO and exposure.
Q: I don’t want to see the tripod in the nadir view. Can I make a panorama like standing in the air?
A: Any such panorama was achieved through post-production, because any panoramic equipment need a support. Pano5+1 allows you to use a beverage bottle as its stand, so the nadir view would be very neat and easy to be retouched in post-process software. If you are using a tripod, just raise its central collumn till the tripod legs are hided behind basemount of Pano5+1.