$399  $359     Product Info: Made of extra quality, silver anodized aluminum. Dimensions: 120 x 98 x 38 mm Plate for 360° Cylindrical Panorama shooting (Included) Have Questions ? Please DM us on FACEBOOK @rogetioffical & INSTAGRAM @rogeti;

Pano5+1 MarkII

The Pano5+1 MarkII, the patented GoPro panoramic photography head, boasts the capability of effortlessly capturing a complete 360°X180° spherical panorama with a single GoPro. It can be mounted on not only all kinds of tripods, but also many kinds of


SLOPES Black is a multi-function instant stand for GoPro camera in its housing. 18 handy angles and the plug n’ play quick deployment make it a Must-Have GoPro accessory. Moreover, features like 3D shooting, 360° panorama shooting and LEGO attaching

ROGETI Tripod/Bottle Mount

More than a regular tripod mount, the ROGETI Tripod/Bottle Mount can turn a normal PET bottle into a floating grip for your GoPro. The ROGETI Tripod/Bottle Mounts Suite includes a pair of GoPro adapters that integrate two kinds of tripod


Pano5+1 is a revolutionary equipment for perfect 360° photography. This patented product enables the users to shoot spherical panorama with one GoPro camera (Hero4, 3+, 3) in about one minute, and get them highly accurate and easy-to-stitch panoramic compositions. Still,


  SLOPES Red is an innovative instant stand for case-free GoPro (Hero 3/3+/4). It provides 20 ways to point your GoPro, and the unrivaled speedy deployment makes it a super handy GoPro accessory. Grooving joint on the side of the